burglary/intrusion detection
Protect your business or home from unwanted break-ins and robbery. Our monitoring systems include door and motion sensors as well as alarms to catch intruders.


fire/smoke detection
Reduce your risk of fire damage and loss
with early detection. Our system will notify
authorities and speed up response.

24/7 monitoring
When you lock the door and walk away,
you’ll feel secure in knowing that our monitoring
service is still on the job protecting
your property. If we can’t reach you, we’ll
call the appropriate authorities.

  video surveillance/ CCTV
Deter break-ins and theft with video
surveillance and digital recording
services. Monitor out-of-sight areas
from your office or remote location.
  card access
Monitor and limit access to your business.
Card access gives you control over who,
when and where access is given.
  medical alert services
Ensure that medical emergencies are
promptly resolved, even if you or a loved
one can’t get to a phone.
(For home users only.)

mobile gps tracking
Do you know where your vehicle is right now?
Track, monitor and locate vehicles or drivers from any internet-enabled computer or cell phone.